A premier set-up for the brand, affiliate networks and publishers to meet & greet, network with affiliates and put forward on the table, the latest innovations poised to garner attention in terms of dissecting the roadblocks of Affiliate Marketing. An opportunity to build conversations amidst a presence of 1500+ delegates and 100+ companies.

Table Pricing

Cost Table Space 2m x 2m Stall Space 3m x 2m Stall Space
16 May’16 – 31 July’16 INR 40,000 + Taxes INR 1,50,000 + Taxes INR 1,75,000 + Taxes
1 Aug’16 –31 Aug’16 INR 60,000 + Taxes INR 1,75,000 + Taxes INR 2,00,000 + Taxes

Affiliate Street Package

The Affiliate Street Package includes the following:
  • One (1) 6′ x 2.5′ draped table and 2 chairs (Costs for Internet, etc. are additional)
  • Includes 3 Gold Passes for the Summit
  • Ability to purchase additional passes at 40% off the prevailing rate at the time of purchase
  • Your company Logo, Profile and Contact details on the Website.

Sold To

Company Logo Company Name Stall No
khojdeal Table No : A1
LinkMyDeals Stall No : 3
Table No : A2
Affle Table No :A3
Yeahmobi_200X75 Yeahmobi Table No : A4
Ad2Click Table No : A5
Ad2Click Table No : A6
Company Logo Company Name Stall No
Digital Mailer Table No : B1
Hopingo-logo Hoppingo Table No : B2
offerdeck_200x75 Offer Deck Table No : B3
payoom_200x75 Payoom Table No : B4
Surge_logo Fork Media Stall No : 14
Table No : B5
AffiliateVia Stall No : 5
Table No : B6
Company Logo Company Name Stall No
avezo Avazu Table No : C1
shop@best Shop at Best Table No : C2
Profiliad Logo_V8_1 - Draft Profiliad Stall No : 18
Table No : C3
Admitad Stall No : 15
Table No : C4
Picle-logo Opicle Table No : C5
AppThis Stall No : 6
Table No : C6
Company Logo Company Name Stall No
SVG Table No : D1
SVG Table No : D2
DGM Table No : D3
DGM Table No : D4
Picle-logo Opicle Table No : D5
  Tune Stall No : 7
Table No : D6
Company Logo Company Name Stall No
vc_200X75 vCommission Stall No : 1 & 2
Table No : E1
Adatha Stall No : 20
Table No : E2
Adsplay-logo Adsplay international Table No : E3
Catalyst Web Trends Table No : E4
cashkaro_200X75 Table No : E5
CAKE Stall No : 8 & 9
Table No : E6
Company Logo Company Name Stall No
optimise_200x75 Optimise Stall No : 4
Table No : F1
affise Affise Table No : F2
ttlogo_dotcom_bigger Table No : F3
adsizzler_200x75 Adsizzler Table No : F4
adsizzler_200x75 Adsizzler Table No : F5
Baidu_200X75 Baidu Table No : F6
Company Logo Company Name Stall No
LetReach Table No : G1
cuelinks-logo Cuelinks Table No : G2
admusketeer_logo Admusketeers Table No : G3
iZooto_logo iZooto Table No : G4
Adzperform_200x75 Adzperform Table No : G5
InvestmentGuruIndia Table No : G6
Company Logo Company Name Stall No
Pracharnama Table No : H1
DigitalVidya_color_high DigitalVidya Table No : H2
affliTest Affilitest Table No : H3
FoxAdmedia_200x75 FoxAdmedia Table No : H4
smtp_200x75 SMTP Provider Table No : H5
mindtech_200x75 Mindtech Affiliates Table No : H6
Only Stall Space
Company Logo Company Name Stall No
KPR Media Stall No : 10
experian Experian Stall No : 11
Capital Numbers Stall No : 13
MicroHost-logo MicroHost Stall No : 16
mobisoc-logo Mobisoc Stall No : 21
adacts logo 1 Adacts Stall No : 22


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